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EZ Project contains softwares making your work much easier. All small & tiny, just to be handful both to using & learning to use.
Many of it are provided as source code or even macro definitions to be used by developers. These are designed to simplify development. If you do not know C/C++ programming, can use those only which can be executed directly. These are designed to simplify usage.

New EZ Project comply to the Apache License, Version 2.0. And is not welcomed to be modified or used by, or, if possible, redistributed to people who discriminate against people based solely on race, gender or sexual orientation.
Old EZ Project members comply to GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, which has been contained in every software's package. You, excluding the Japanese who hold hostility against Chinese, and those who have race, gender or sexual orientation discrimination, can use it, freely distribute it or improve it.

I am looking forward for your participation in this project, by posting in the forum, joining the mailing list , reporting errors or demanding support. You can participate by joining coding, intepreting this web page, give advice or suggestion.

Please visit sourceforge project page to,

EZ Common
EZ Project common functionalities, including result enum type, screen/file I/O.
EZ Comm
Input IP, port and content, and messages can be exchanged between clients and servers using TCP or UDP. Useful for simple text messaging, file exchanging or testing.
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EZ Output
wherever you want to display some chunk of data, or just convert it to readable format (hex format) string (character buffer acturally), you can invoke this macro.
EZ Command
EZ Common needed. A batch of programs are run according to a configuration file. When an error is returned by a program, the execution batch can stop. Confirmation may be required before a program starts.
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EZ Translation
dynamically translates strings stupidly according to a dictionary file.
EZ Match
Pick out orphan lines containing same strings and in pairs of two flag strings orderly. Key words include Forward, Backward and Pairing ones. All key strings are customizable. For example, a line containing "Forward Keyword" and "Head Key String"+Key Value+"Tail Key String" pairs a line containing "Backward Keyword" and "Head Key String"+Key Value+"Tail Key String".
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EZ Config
This subproject is obsolete. EZ Common 1.0 needed. designed to be a total solution to all kinds of configuration management. Read from configuration files or command line parameters to memory and then fetch as client wants.
EZ Common
1.0 Jun.29,2005 EZ Project common library.
2.0 Jun.13,2008 TinyXml included inside as an integratoin of EZ Config.
2.1 Jun.23,2008 Extra characters not left to next reading when a single character is requested to be input.
2.2 Aug.7,2008 Input operations improved. Chinese readme added.
3.0 Jun.18,2009 Interfaces changed.
3.1 Jul.22,2009 Project directory used for installations.
4.0 Sep.1,2009 XML creation supported.
4.1 Jun.17,2010 Element type discerned.
4.2 Oct.11,2010 Memory release problem fixed for callers.
4.3 Oct.15,2010 Node level supported.
4.4 Oct.25,2010 Switching to the Apache License, Version 2.0.
4.5 Oct.28,2010 Saving file will not overwrite.
4.6 Nov.9,2010 All attributs of an element can be removed with one interface.
4.6.1 Jun.7,2013 VC2010 update.
EZ Comm
1.1 Apr.28,2008 Binding failure may crash. Simple message history.
1.2 Apr.29,2008 Binding failure crash no more.
1.3 Jun.29,2009 No freeze. More introduction information.
1.4 Jul.27,2009 Server actions corrected. Port Auto selection.
2.0 Aug.24,2009 Ubuntu version added. Anti-flood supported.
3.0 Dec.30,2009 File functionalities. White/Black-list configuration supported.
3.1 Jun.17,2010 Several bugs corrected in file mode.
3.2 Oct.11,2010 EZ Common 4.2 compatible.
3.3 Oct.25,2010 Switched to the Apache License, Version 2.0. VC library added to windows application pack.
3.4 Nov.9,2010 Wizard window supported.
3.5 (not released) Wizard window shrinked.
3.6 Jun.7,2013 Main window resizable.
3.6.1 Mar.18,2015 Command line buildable.
3.7 Mar.24,2015 Debian buildable. In Ubuntu repository.
3.8 Mar.31,2015 C++ library statically linked.
3.9 Apr.8,2016 Ubuntu Wily/15 supported.
4.0 Future Auto mode to be supported.
EZ Output
1.0 Output a chunk of data to screen (EZOUTPUT_D) or character pointer (EZOUTPUT_I).
1.1 Apr.10,2005 Smart choose screen width and columns; binary output supported.
1.2 Oct.3,2005 Math library not needed; packed under Linux; Unicode README split out.
1.3 Jul.16,2009 Output width auto adjust corrected.
1.4 Jul.21,2009 Blank line compression corrected.
EZ Command
1.0 Jun.13,2008 Act(run a program or exit) responding to execution results and user's responses.
1.1 Jun.18,2008 More environment controlling capabilities, such as changing directories.
1.2 Aug.7,2008 Failures detection corrected. More detailed flow control. Chinese readme added.
1.3 Jul.22,2009 EZ Common 3.1 compatible.
EZ Translation
1.0 Translate a buffer to another according to a dictionary.
1.1 Apr.10,2005 A possible memory failure corrected; a sample usage added.
EZ Match
1.0 Feb.18,2008 Implemented graphically with key words (Forward and Backward ones) customizable.
1.1 Aug.1,2008 Files may reside on different directories. Matching keywords customizable.
web page Apr.20,2005 Rainbow flag signs and anti-discrimination words added.
Jun.12, 2005 ST site logo added. Links refreshed.
Jul.1,2005 Japanese declaration & Chinese page link displayed as pictures. Links to other sites opened in new windows. Animation icon & personal card added.
Feb.18,2008 Site series changed from ST to A117. Blog site changed.
Jun.20,2008 Official submission site list added.
Jul.27,2009 Some site functions removed. One official submission site added.
Oct.25,2010 Changing license.
Nov.17,2010 launchpad links added.
EZ Config
1.0 Configuration Server implemented.
1.1 Apr.20,2005 Configuration Client implemented.
1.2 Jun.18,2007 Compiled as library.
0 Jun.13,2008 Obsolete by EZ Common 2.0.


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